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Designed by HR Professionals, the Automatic Resume is the only resume builder that identifies and captures your key information. Easy to use input modules target your most important work experiences and automatically generate powerful statements. Your entire resume is focused on the employer's top priorities for interview selection and hiring - Formatted and ready to print in about 1 hour.

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The Resume That Gets the Interview

The Automatic Resume highlights your most important qualifications to make sure your resume is not screened out in that first 10 second scan. Skills and Accomplishments modules generate statements that persuade employers to want to meet with you. Your results are automatically quantified to prove your value to the company and get you into the interview.


The One That Gets the Job

Preparing your Automatic Resume actually helps you prepare for the interview. Each input module gets you thinking about the details of your best work experiences. The resulting statements quantify your results and showcase your accomplishments. These compelling statements become the focus of the interview, giving you the opportunity to present yourself as the best candidate for the job.



I sent out 50 copies of my old resume with no results. The Automatic Resume got me two interviews and a job offer within one week.
Wolfgang Koehler - Service Manager

I used your resume service twice and in both cases landed the interview and got the job.
Sharon Lavoie - Vocational Counselor

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